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 Welcome to Jain Publishing Company 

Jain Publishing Company is a humanities and social sciences publisher that publishes college textbooks and supplements, professional and scholarly references, and books for the general reader in print as well as electronic formats.

About our eBooks – We offer almost all our books as eBooks as well and currently offer them primarily through Google Play. Over time, we plan to make them available through Amazon as well as other popular eBook vendors.

Note to the resellers - Whereas this website is designed to function as our online catalog, as far as ordering online goes, it is intended for the end customers only, since the trade discounts cannot be calculated on the online order form. We request that upon browsing our website, trade cutomers contact us by phone, fax, email or snail mail, if they have any questions regarding our discounts, payment terms and returns policies, prior to placing orders.

Note to the authors: We are interested in quality manuscripts in our areas of interest and welcome author queries and submissions. Authors should read our submission guidelines posted on this website and submit their works accordingly.


by Oh-Kon Cho

 Now in Paperback! 

by Asanga
French Translation by Walpola Rahula
English Translation from French by Sara-Boin Webb


(Vol. 1 of 4 - First Abhisamaya)
With the Vrtti of Arya Vimuktisena and the Aloka of Haribhadra
English Translation by Gareth Sparham


Please type either the title, the ISBN including the dashes (e.g. xxx-x-xxxxx-xxx-x), the author's name, or a keyword in the search window in order to conduct a search.


Neo-Confucianism in Korea by Chai-shin Yu

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